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kirk eliott

AN ODE' TO HGJ Eau de Parfum PRE - ORDER

AN ODE' TO HGJ Eau de Parfum PRE - ORDER

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11/19/2023 $88
1 day PRE - ORDER Sale at this price! 11/22 - 11/27: 24% OFF. After 11/27 - PRE - ORDER price of $100 (Regular Price $130)
Available 1/20/2024
On November 19th 1935…the CHAMP…The man in whose balls I lived was born!
He would have been 88 years of age this Sunday!
THIS IS WHY THE 10ml WILL BE $19 AND THE 50ml WILL BE $88 ON 11/19/2023
When I look at him, I see a provider, protector, and the best daddy in the land!
So what better way than to create a fragrance that represents him.
I can remember watching him get ready for church on Sunday mornings. Making sure his suit was just right. Suit pants creased to perfection. And the last touch…a splash of aftershave or…a spray(ssssss) of Polo Cologne
So here’s to HGJ…An ODE’ To HGJ Eau De Parfum
This is a LIMITED RELEASE fragrance. It leans VERY MASCULINE! For nostalgia purposes, you will be transported back in time to the 1980s.
The Components of this fragrance will be citrus,Floral, Green, and Woody
Stay tuned for more info.

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