About The KIRK ELIOTT Experience

What is The Kirk Eliott™️ Experience. In one word GROWTH...and we’re talking SPIRITUAL(GOD/JESUS) Mental and Physical. As a husband, daddy, son, friend and everything in between.
But before there can be an experience, we need to know who Kirk Eliott is!
Well in the words of NWA..."here’s a little something about a brotha’ like me!”
I love GOD and my family. I enjoy cigars , and golf, and as I’ve grown older and wiser I have an appreciation for learning about...and trying new things. Photography, Art, Food, Fragrance, and Blogging just to name a few!
I like good people, good times, and good conversation. Combine all of this and you have
- The Kirk Eliott Experience-
SEEIA - Stimulate Elevate Encourage Intentional Action! This is my mantra. I want to ignite this in you and me. Let me be your #inspiration2elevation The question is...Are you better after having left our presence?
I want us to grow together; learn and do new exciting things! 
With this growth comes self reflection. Because of this, a few issues have come to mean a lot to me. Cancer, ALS, and most recently...Dementia
So it’s my goal in life from this day forward to do what I Love and Love what I do. I’m going to use this platform to talk about and raise awareness about these issues. And have some fun along the way!
All current and future products are a reflection/extension of the Kirk(KE)Eliott Lifestyle and its ideals and beliefs.  So if you believe in...love...or, like any of the things previously mentioned, support The Kirk Eliott™️ Experience.  
Oh and 10% of all proceeds will go to the previous mentioned health issues, via charities, fund raising, and directly to families in need because of these issues!
#SEEIA  #stimulateelevateencourageintentionalaction