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The (Metallic) SAMPLES
The (Metallic) SAMPLES
The (Metallic) SAMPLES

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The (Metallic) SAMPLES

The Sample set is called Metallic due to the Metallic marker used to write the names of each fragrance on the label. It's  our way of keeping a more personal touch on what we do. Thank you to Camille for the wonderful handwritten labels!

You'll get 5 / 2.5ml samples 

The Black Label Collection: Grapefruit Vetiver (GFV)

The B.O.A.T.S. Collection: Camille and EKJ

The ROSE Collection: This FIGGIN ROSE (TFR) and This SENSUAL ROSE (TSR) 

Try Them on for size, Then Grab a Discovery Set or Full Bottle!

A sample set purchase gets you $20 off a 50ml bottle  purchase! Let’s GOOOO! 💪🏾

We thank you in advance!