YOU are the KEY - MINDSET Pt. 1 - Your Thoughts

YOU are the KEY - MINDSET Pt. 1 - Your Thoughts

I've been up since about 2:55 this A.M. After tossing and turning, I felt as if GOD was telling me to get up. Now...what kept playing over and over in my mind was how I EXHAUST myself while on Instagram! Day in and out hoping there was enough likes or comments on anything I posted. Or hoping someone dropped a gem or lil' nugget of wisdom/knowledge for me to glean. A KEY/or KEYWORD to obtain success!  And that's when it donned on me, or should I say that's when The LORD said...YOU(me)!!!! You are the KEY to your success or failure. You are the KEY to your happiness or sadness! YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! You, me, us, we...are the KEY that unlocks ALL that GOD has for you/us!                                 I once wrote a blog that stated Mindset is EVERYTHING! The way we think, speak, and act(Do) will determine our stead in life...This is ALL You!                                Now I wrote this particular blog back in 2017 with the thought that I was supposed to be a preacher. So if you see phrases like Advance The KINGDOM, or Ambassador to The KING...I don't apologize. I still believe that's what HE called me to be/do, and I'm hoping that sharing these thoughts and ideals that The KIRK ELIOTT Experience Brand is about is reflective of the Heart of GOD!!! So with that said, this will be a 3 part blog post on Mindset - Your Thoughts, Your Words, and Your Actions(Your Do)!                                                                                 Remember GOD has already done what HE said HE would on your/our behalf. It's up to us(you/me) to do our part...YOU are the KEY! so with out further ado... Mindset part 1- Your Thoughts

MINDSET: Your Thoughts


The topic today is MINDSET ! This is a fundamental must in progressing in/and for the The KINGDOM!  To be about The FATHER's Business.
Before we can start something new, it is IMPERATIVE that we let go of old thoughts, attitudes, and habits.  You CANNOT do a new thing with old stuff!
In order to do anything new you must have the mind to do it!  It all starts with a thought.  When you set your mind to something, usually followed by your thoughts are words, then what you speak out loud, you do. You take action! This means your thoughts, speech/words, deeds/action are in alignment!
While first preparing this post, I had scripture for thoughts, words, and action. Because I believe these three topics together encompass what the MINDSET of a KINGDOM Man/AMBASSADOR for the KING should be. And as excited as I am about this, separating these into three different posts and bringing them back together again will be more beneficial. With that lets get into some definitions and scripture shall we?
1. An attitude [Feeling or emotion toward a fact or state of being - an optimistic attitude], disposition [Inherent qualities of mind and character], or mood.
2. An established set of attitudes held by someone.
3. An intention or mental inclination [Natural tendency].

First off as I write this, let me remind those of you that bless my page with your eyes...I am ALWAYS talking to myself with the hope that these words inspire, help encourage, and lift you up! 
Now there are many versus that come to mind in terms of our thoughts. But today we will look at three and I'll leave you alone! (HAAAAAA!!! How old school preachers used to talk.) The first one is 
Proverbs 23:7 which reads  - For as he thinks in his heart, so is he [in behavior] Amplified Version. This means the way you think about yourself is the way you are. what you become. Who you will be. This is why it is necessary to believe what GOD says about you! Get that deep inside of you. For out of your heart flows the issues of life.(Proverbs 4:23) So if you think what GOD thinks, you will then say what HE says about you and do what HE said do! Again, we will get into the say and do later, but this is a perfect example!
Next is Romans 12:2 which reads - ...but let GOD transform you into a new person by Changing the way you THINK. Then you will learn to know GOD's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. NLT version. WOOOOO-WEEEEEEE, that makes the hairs on my arms stand up! By simply changing the way we think will allow us to know God's will for us. In turn, knowing HIS will  makes us speak it, then do it! Can you see where I'm going? But i have to hold it in. I can't give it all to you just yet!
Last but not least is James 1:6-8 which if i may paraphrase read - ask GOD in faith without wavering. Because if you do, don't think you will receive anything. For a double-minded man is unstable in his ways.  Basically if you think one way and switch it up, you can expect absolutely Nothing from The Lord! You must have an unwavering Faith!  Be firm in your thoughts. 
So a quick re-cap if you will. First as we think about ourselves are who we'll be -  Prov. 23:7
A renewing or changing the way we think will allow us to be transformed and know GOD's will for us. This is pleasing and perfect -  Romans 12:2.
A double minded man is unstable in his ways - James 1:6-8
As a final thought, i leave you with an excerpt from the book 'Kingdom Mentalities'  which says In order to live effectively as KINGDOM citizens, we must develop the MINDSET and identification of royalty, sovereignty, dominion, authority, and power.
I am an imperfect Ambassador to the KING...HE's calling you too!                            
I hope this sparks something in you as it did me. I forgot I had written this. But I'm glad I did, and that I can use it as a reminder for myself. I hope it #SEEIA -Stimulates Elevates, Encourages, Intentional Action from you!
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