WHAT’s in a NAME

WHAT’s in a NAME

*Whats in a Name*

As I’ve gotten older, I can truly say...that my Name is QUITE IMPORTANT to me! It means something! So much so that over the course of 20+ years, it has become the name of my company! The KIRK ELIOTT Experience - KIRK ELIOTT!!!

So what does this mean? What’s the point I’m trying to convey?

Well in short...It embodies all things that are important to me. From past, present, and future experiences and endeavors...I want my name to proceed me with nothing but positivity!

Let’s dig a little deeper shall we! Specific to me...The name KIRK means: Church!

ELIOTT means: The Lord is my God!

Now imagine my response when finding this out! HAAAAA!!!! Church and The LORD is my GOD! WOW!!!!!

This makes me want to present myself in a different manner! I want to be about LOVE, SERVICE, CREATIVITY, and MORE!  I want to Stimulate, Elevate, Encourage Intentional Action - SEEIA! These are the things I want you to think about when you hear or see my name! When you purchase some apparel with my name on it. Or spray one of your favorite fragrances on your body! You’re supporting a brand that stands by these ideals and principles!

NOW...Let’s take these ideals and add The SÉZN to this whole name thing!


What doe this mean? I know you may think it’s from The ‘SEASONS Collection’ of The Fragrances. Or The T I O T E’ watches. But NO! This is my NIKE “Swoosh”

It represents my name as well! So why the image with the seasons of the year? Simply put, it represents the seasons of our life! The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY! It represents the process!

Think about this...  “There is a season (a time appointed) for everything and a time for every delight and event or purpose under heaven—”  This is taken from Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3:1‬ ‭AMP‬‬! No truer words have been spoken! In essence, there is a time and place for everything! And no matter where you are in life...whatever season of life you’re in...it’s Your SEASON! Whether time to plant or time to harvest! Time to speak, or a time to hush and listen! We can go on and on! But the point is that you cannot skip the process in that time of your life! It all serves a greater purpose, that ultimately should be working together for your good - Romans 8:28

Well...I hope this gives you a little insight to the ideals and principles of this brand! What it represents! And how it operates!

So if you’ve ever supported, through shot outs, patronage, or just listening to; looking at my posts and were inspired...You’re an extension of KIRK ELIOTT! Let’s Love, Serve, Create the worlds we want to live in! Let’s Stimulate, Elevate, and Encourage each other into Intentional Action -SEEIA!

What’s in a name? For me...EVERYTHING!

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