ANAVAH - Humility

ANAVAH - Humility

1Peter 5:6 - Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.

I came across the word ANAVAH while reading my daily bible verse from YouVersion- the Bible App! The word is Hebrew for humility. And it simply means -to take your GOD given space in the world! Many time we think being humble is to shrink or cower. To lessen one's self in order for other to be exalted! However, what we find here is the exact opposite! This speaks to me deeply! I know that I can be head strong, outgoing, and sometimes outspoken! And this type of personality (in m mind) clashed with what I know GOD has told me to do! This has caused a lot of questions and hesitation on my end...basically being dis-obedient to what GOD has called me to do! But as I listened to this video, and remembered that I was made in HIS Image, I realize I'm supposed to be this way! Obviously with growth and discernment, but I am who I am!

Point - Don't shrink, shrivel, make yourself smaller for ANYONE! Be who you are! Your job is to take up your GOD GIVEN Space! Nothing More...and DEFINITELY Nothing Less! ANAVAH - so go as HUMBLE as you can! The world is waiting and needs you! (Talking to myself!) It's YOUR Season!  As always, I'm talking to myself!

E. Kirk Jones



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