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WHAT’s in a NAME

*Whats in a Name* As I’ve gotten older, I can truly say...that my Name is QUITE IMPORTANT to me! It means something! So much so that over the course of 20+ years, it has become the name of my company! The KIRK ELIOTT Experience - KIRK ELIOTT!!! So what does this mean? What’s the point I’m trying to convey? Well in short...It embodies all things that are important to me. From past, present, and future experiences and endeavors...I want my name to proceed me with nothing but positivity! Let’s dig a little deeper shall we! Specific to me...The name KIRK means: Church! ELIOTT means: The Lord is my God! Now imagine my response when finding this out! HAAAAA!!!! Church and...

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ANAVAH - Humility

1Peter 5:6 - Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. I came across the word ANAVAH while reading my daily bible verse from YouVersion- the Bible App! The word is Hebrew for humility. And it simply means -to take your GOD given space in the world! Many time we think being humble is to shrink or cower. To lessen one's self in order for other to be exalted! However, what we find here is the exact opposite! This speaks to me deeply! I know that I can be head strong, outgoing, and sometimes outspoken! And this type of personality (in m mind) clashed with what I know GOD has told me to...

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MINDSET: Part 2 - Watch Yo’ Mouth

It’s been a minute since my last entry. However the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The second installment of the ‘Mindset’ series for The KIRK ELIOTT Blog is about the way we talk. So the reason I say the timing is perfect is because I’m also reading a book called ‘UNFU*K YOURSELF’ by an author named Gary John Bishop. Also, I’ve read and reading again a book called ‘GOD’s Creative Power by an author named Charles Capps. Although very contrasting titles, ironically enough very much the same ideals! Watch what and how you speak to yourself!!                                               These are...

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YOU are the KEY - MINDSET Pt. 1 - Your Thoughts

I've been up since about 2:55 this A.M. After tossing and turning, I felt as if GOD was telling me to get up. Now...what kept playing over and over in my mind was how I EXHAUST myself while on Instagram! Day in and out hoping there was enough likes or comments on anything I posted. Or hoping someone dropped a gem or lil' nugget of wisdom/knowledge for me to glean. A KEY/or KEYWORD to obtain success!  And that's when it donned on me, or should I say that's when The LORD said...YOU(me)!!!! You are the KEY to your success or failure. You are the KEY to your happiness or sadness! YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! You, me, us, we...are the KEY that unlocks ALL that...

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Yesterday Began The Rest Of My Life

Yesterday was IMPORTANT!!! I decided to change my eating habits...Forever! This was significant, and with anything that's as significant as changing your life...Prayer was required! After praying I took INTENTIONAL Action and began Phase 1/day 1 of a 3 day cleanse to be followed by an additional 6 week phase 2. Now why am I sharing this? Simple, The KIRK ELIOTT Experience is about GROWTH in very facet of life. And it is important for you to see it coming from me. With that being said, it also comes at a time where re-vamping of my life is necessary!  What do I mean by this...let me tell you! It is time for me to operate in what I know! And...

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